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Housework Guide

Hey guys its the first time SixalSphere asked by someone to give a review for a blog. Yeah and its an english language blog, so they asked me to make a review in english. Pardon me for bad grammar

the name of this blog is a housework guide. As seen from its name, this blog focuses on tips and tricks related to housekeeping or housework. So maybe for housewives abroad who are confused to find tips and tricks related to clean house, cleaning clothes, cleaning the floor of this blog will be very helpful
About the design of this blog can be spelled out very minimalist and simple. Maybe the owner wants to put forward the functionality rather than the appearance. But do not worry despite the minimalist look, the content and features are quite complete. Yes back to the tastes of different people, maybe some of you like a busy blog but there are also like dengand simple blog design.

This blog has a logo that is simple and unique, with the logo of a house marked HG tagline which is labeled make your housework easier I think is quite suitable.

As a blog that is fairly new, I can guess if the future of this blog will be quite crowded. Because of the way of promotion, complete social media accounts, and articles that are unique and interesting I think enough to attract people, especially those who are fluent in English to visit it. Oh yes I forgot to mention, this blog has fanpage, twitter and even instagram own loh. even Sixalsphere loses in this social media promotion sector LOL

For those of you who are interested in visiting this blog please directly click the link below, here I include a social media link owned by houseworkguide. So a review that I can give to this Housework guide blog, thank you for reading

Facebook : Houswork guide FanPage

Twitter : Housework Guide

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